What Are Period Delay Tablets, How Do They Work, & Why Take Them?

There are many reasons why a woman may want to delay her period, and there are many options available if you are looking to delay your menstrual cycle. The most common form of medication to do this is in tablet form, and you often do not have to have a prescription from your doctor to get these. You can usually buy the medication from pharmacies without a prescription, and you will usually have a few choices available. Below is more information on how to delay your period, how it works, and reasons why you may want to delay your menstrual cycle.

What Are Period Delay Tablets?

There are many different brands of tablets that you can use to delay your menstrual cycle, and most of them will use the same synthetic hormones. The most commonly used one is norethisterone, which is similar to the progesterone our bodies make naturally. When the progesterone levels in your body fall, it causes the lining in the uterus to be shed, which is the blood you see when having your period. Norethisterone is safe for you to use, but some women do report side effects, which can be:

  • Acne
  • Tender Breasts
  • Feeling Low & Moody
  • Fluid Retention
  • A Fall In Libido

How Do The Tablets Work?

When you buy norethisterone tablets and take them, it helps maintain your progesterone levels in your body, which triggers your cycle to start when they fall. As the levels are maintained and do not fall, the uterus does not shed the lining and start the menstrual cycle, preventing your period. It is important to note that as everyone is different, the effectiveness of the norethisterone tablets can vary, and you also need to be aware that this is not a form of contraception. You can still get pregnant if having unprotected sex when taking norethisterone tablets, so you still need to be careful.

How & When To Take The Tablets

If you are looking to delay your period, you will need to plan for it, as it is not something you can usually delay on the day your cycle starts typically. You will need to start taking the tablets three days before your cycle usually starts, and you will need one tablet three times a day, and you can take them for up to 20 days continuously. Although the tablets are safe, you will still need to be careful when using them, and you will not want to take more than recommended or for more extended periods. The medication is intended for occasional use rather than continual use.

Reasons People Take Norethisterone Tablets

There are many reasons why people will take medication to disrupt their menstrual cycle, and it is often for convenience. Some people will take them while on holiday, so their period does not interfere with enjoying their time away. Some people will take them before social events to wear that outfit that is not period friendly, and athletes will take it before sporting events. You may also want to take it so you can enjoy going swimming, or if you are experiencing highly stressful events in your life, such as moving home.

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