Myths Shattering Facts about Urolithin Powder  

Urolithins are considered secondary metabolites of Ellagic acid derived from Ellagitannins. In humans, ellagitannins got regenerated by the gut microflora into ellagic acid that is additionally reworked into urolithins A, urolithin B, urolithin C, and urolithin D within the massive intestines, which has been shown to increase mitochondrial health. 

Types of Urolithin 

What Urolithin is and how it supports mitochondria operate furthermore as cellular and muscle health, depending upon its type.

Urolithin A (UA) is the most prevailing matter of ellagitannins. Urolithin A 8-Methyl Ether is the intermediate product throughout the synthesis of Urolithin A. It is a major secondary matter of ellagitannin and possesses inhibitor and anti-inflammatory properties.

However, urolithin A is not best known to occur naturally in any dietary sources. So, it is even more necessary to fulfill its requirement by a trusted supplement of Urolithin powder.

Urolithin B (UB) is a well-endowed matter created within the gut through the metabolizing of ellagitannins. 

Source of Urolithin  

It comes from many foods such as pomegranates and is a type of polyphenol available in various foods such as fruits and nuts that contain a compound called ellagitannins. When they are ingested, microbes in the gut metabolize these ellagitannins into a new molecule called Urolithin A. But only 40% of people appear to have the correct microbes in the gut to convert the dietary precursors to Urolithin A. Still, they can compensate it with a reliable supplement that comes as Urolithin powder.

Mind-Boggling Benefits of Urolithin 

Uncovering a bioactive called urolithin is a breakthrough in nutrition science, helps maintain healthy muscle function and holds the key to anti-aging, and showed increased markers of mitochondrial health from muscle biopsies, and there was a decrease in the level of plasma acylcarnitines which shows improved metabolic health. 

Mechanism of working 

Urolithin Supports cellular health by reestablishing a process called mitophagy. All of our cells are filled with small energy generators called mitochondria. Older mitochondria are less efficient at producing energy and can even become toxic. To prevent this, they are naturally recycled by the cell into new mitochondria with the help of Urolithin. This is Mitophagy. As we age, this recycling process slows, and cells end up with damaged mitochondria. 

Experimental Evidence 

First, it was tested in the worm and showed it extended lifespan by 50 percent, then tested on the rodents, where we showed that it improved endurance by about 40 percent or work felt for the first time the importance of mitophagy in the aging process. Clinical evaluation of Urolithin A is underway to determine its potential health benefits when consumed regularly. Early investigations with Urolithin A in humans have shown that it is safe and supports mitochondrial health. 

No observable side effects  

No observable side effects of Urolithine Powder were seen with a single 2000 milligram dose or 1000 milligrams per day for 28 days. It was bioavailable with a half-life of 17 to 22 hours, which is a reasonable time compared to many other supplements. Therefore, the study showed that Urolithine powder is safe bioavailable and positively affects mitochondrial health. So it looks interesting how we generate our energy, which is key to metabolism. Mitochondrial dysfunction is the hallmark of aging, having something to clear up the dysfunctional ones to be replaced. Sounds good.

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